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How long-term hybrid work is changing security strategies

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Pam Nigro wants to know if workers at her company are working odd hours. She wants to know exactly where they are, too, because such surveillance is one of the strategies Nigro has to keep her company safe.

Nigro says her security tools must understand and analyze when and where employees work so they can identify unusual access attempts that could indicate an attack.

And her security program must become increasingly attuned to each employee’s work habits in the years ahead, as widescale hybrid work arrangements remain the norm.

“We need to consider our investments and a changing work environment to make sure we’re leaving as small of an attack vector as possible,” says Nigro, the top IT and security officer at Home Access Health Corp.

Home Access shifted a large number of employees to virtual work when the Covid pandemic hit in early 2020, implementing technologies and policies that gave them secure remote access from their homes. At the same time the company continued to support those employees who needed to be in the office, such as its lab workers.

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