Top Online Graphic Design Courses

Being a brilliant graphic designer doesn’t require a degree or years in school, but it does require more than just photo editing skills. You need a solid foundation in graphic design history, theory, and practical application to not only understand your craft, but to understand the marketplace and how you can integrate your work with the consumer demand. If you’re looking to explore a career in graphic design or looking to improve your current graphic design skill set, online courses are a great way to achieve both on your own schedule.

Principles and theories of graphic design, such as shape, spacing, texture, imagery, and working with different sets of type, are essential techniques to successful bring your creative thoughts to paper. Online course will put you through exercises to train your eye to blend colors with textures and identify the most effective spacing between shapes naturally through time.

Understanding the history of graphic design is also integral to graphic design and a part of all courses. From understanding the concepts of different areas to focusing on specific designers, this research helps to build a historical appreciation of art and graphic design evolution through time, people, and cultures. This will also train the student to see the trends of design through time and how to accommodate these changes.

These courses will also train students to use applications for the real world, such as learning to research, creating thumbnails, processing visual solutions in programs, and creating effective presentations. This will help students get familiar with the design process from start to finish, and work on becoming more efficient at each stage of the process, especially with project limitations. Graphic designing for functional purposes, such as a business card or book, has specific dimensions and technical print limitations. These types of practical and technical limitations are an important part of practicing the craft of graphic design.

Lastly, some graphic design courses will teach you how to market your work and build a career for yourself. From freelance designing to studying illustration or related disciplines to elevate your graphic design work, these courses will help you build a framework for turning your talents into a profitable endeavor.

The best place to start is here. Go through the course listings to see if there is a general topic or level you feel suits you best. Every course contains a full table of contents, duration of course, as well as video tutorials. If interactivity is what you need, there are also some course that offer exercise review from the instructor. You’ve come to the right place…choose a course today to start your graphic journey!

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