Online Graphic Design Degrees

The work of Online Graphic Design Degrees can be seen everywhere, from store shelves, to billboards, to commercials and websites. Graphic designers collaborate with clients to develop visual representations of messages, targeting specific audiences through a wide range of media. Using equal parts art and technology, these professionals help create the text and imagery found in publications, advertisements, product packaging, company logos and other forms of mass communication.

Online Graphic Design Degrees generally combine two-dimensional drawing skills with interactive media technology. Students build upon their penchant for artistic expression with courses in areas such as client relations, digital publishing, motion graphics and video editing. Most degrees also focus on the computer programs utilized by graphic designers, including Adobe InDesign, Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Through their coursework, online design degree students often create a working portfolio with samples that can be shown to potential employers and clients. To get more information, browse through our network of schools and find a program most appropriate for you.

Choosing the Right Online Graphic Design Degrees
Associate Degree in Graphic Design: An online associate program in graphic design usually takes two years of full-time study to complete. Students typically learn basic information about color theory, digital photography, logo design and Adobe Flash media. In addition to a foundation in these introductory topics, students often take general education courses, such as math, life science, and communications. Graduates of an online associate degree program may be qualified for entry-level positions as graphic designers or multimedia artists. Some students may choose to transfer to a four-year program and earn their bachelor’s degree, as that’s the level of education generally required to work in graphic design, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (, 2012).

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Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design: Degrees typically take four years to complete, and offer deeper training in the concepts and theories of graphic design. Classes may examine computer programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop, as well as Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max. Other topics of study can include logo design, the use of visual symbols in campaigns, project management and Web design. With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, graduates may be able to become graphic designers and eventually move up to the role of chief designer, art director or creative director with enough experience (, 2012).

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Master’s Degree in Graphic Design: There are two primary graphic design degrees that can be earned at this level: a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) and a Master of Arts (M.A.). The M.F.A. is the terminal degree in graphic design, and earning it may qualify graduates to become educators or researchers, as well as pursue advanced professional opportunities. Courses in this degree program tend to emphasize presentation, communication and technical evaluation. Depending on the program, the M.F.A. usually takes two to three years to complete.

An M.A. program, on the other hand, generally offers students a more even balance between graphic design and liberal arts classes, and tends to have fewer total courses. The potentially shorter program may be beneficial for students who wish to qualify for senior positions at their current place of employment.

Both degrees typically end with a final project such as a thesis. The thesis is an independent project based on an original design idea. It generally entails drafting a design proposal, conducting research, and producing a commercial-ready composition under the guidance of faculty advisors. Completion of an online master’s degree program is usually contingent on the success of this final project.